Get Paid For Surveys...

We like to earn a little extra money to buy those small extras that we wouldn't otherwise be able to have. There are a lot of places online saying that you can make money from surveys, but tons of those places just take your email address and then start spamming you. Some even want you to pay them money before you can make money. Our motto is ... it shouldn't take money to make money!

We've taken a little of the experience we have with these kind of sites, and written down our thoughts about each of them that we have tried. We've also included a link to join the sites if we found them worthwhile!

Opinion Outpost

Recommendation: Join Opinion Outpost!

Project Payday

We haven't tried this site, but the research we did when we heard about it showed that this isn't so much a scam site as it is just totally not worth the effort. It costs $35 to join (which is a scam), and then you have to invest a lot of time to make a little money. To make more money will require you to invest your own money, and still the amount of money you can earn is just not that much.

Recommendation: Stay Away!