Tale of a Broken Mouse

I love my Logitech MX700 cordless rechargeable mouse, it is honestly the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's cordless, it is an optical mouse, it has back/forward buttons on the mouse, it has a nice scroll wheel, and it is incredibly comfortable to use, but a while back it stopped recharging. Luckily it takes AA NIMH rechargeable batteries, of which I have a rather large supply. I took to recharging it manually until it occurred to me that my mouse has a warranty, and this is where our story begins.

I emailed logitech about the problem back in July. They gave me a few things to try and I was pretty busy with work, so didn't get to it for a while. When I emailed them back, they told me I should RMA it, and gave me a number to call. Like most people, I couldn't stand the thought of being without my beloved mouse for any length of time, so I put it off. 

Come the end of October and I'm again starting to notice that my mouse is also discharging its batteries pretty quickly. About twice a week. So I called up logitech support this time, and wouldn't you know, they wanted to replace my mouse. I am so happy. I went around singing Logitech's praises for at least a week. They were sending me out a new MX1000, they didn't want my old mouse, and they would have me a new mouse in well under a WEEK! Wow. 

A week goes by, and I'm kind of worried. My mouse didn't show up, and I'm thinking maybe it was delivered, and somebody stole it... so I call Logitech. "No sir, that item is back ordered, but we'll have it to you in three weeks.". 

"We're really sorry, we ran out of stock, but we will have you one from the next shipment in three weeks."
"Well, I don't like it, but I understand, thanks". 

I'm pretty annoyed at not getting what I was promised, but it's an upgrade for me, and three weeks isn't that long really, so I wait. Three weeks goes by, and still no mouse. So I call up Logitech again, very suspicious. 

"I still have not received my mouse."
"We're really sorry, we ran out of stock, but we will have you one from the next shipment in three weeks."
"What!?! That's what you said last time I called, three weeks ago!"
"Sorry, there's nothing we can do."
"Can't you give me a voucher to go buy it myself? BestBuy, CompUSA and Walmart dont seem to have trouble keeping it in stock!!!"
"No sir, we cannot do that." 

Wow. I'm not annoyed any more. Now I'm supremely pissed off. So I ask to speak to a manager regarding the situation. Apparently Logitech dont take calls immediately, they do call backs within 48 hours. So I tell her to have him call me within the hour, that I definitely will not wait 48 hours when I have patiently waited 3 weeks. 

I wait an hour, no dice. I call back, and get the same story from another tech support specialist, and tell them that I will hold for a manager even though it is not the done thing. So they forward me to a managers line and it rings. And rings. And rings. For a half hour. And then hangs up on me. 


I call in again. Some punk kid answers and wants me to tell the whole story over. Ugh. I ask him to please forward me to a managers extension again and he starts giving me attitude. "The manager cant do anything about that. I dont know what you expect, but you arent getting anything!" ... woah man. Wrong guy, wrong day. 

So I procede to tell him how unempowered he is, how little he can actually do, and how I already *know* that someone in a dead end job like him can not actually accomplish anything to help me, so please forward me to a damn manager. 

I think he got the point. 

He forwarded me to some brut. Wow. This guy is arrogant, pig headed, and unhelpful. He's rather like I would be if I still did tech support. But I graduated into programming, which is a whole world above that. He really doesn't want to help me. He keeps telling me I really should have two mice. I tell him we are talking about a $70 mouse, and that it is unreasonable to expect me to buy two of them "just in case one breaks". 

He tells me how I do not need to buy another expensive $70 mouse, I should just buy a cheap corded mouse to "hold me over" until my new mouse arrives (which will definitely not be before three weeks). I ask him does he buy two cars just in case one breaks? He says we're not talking about cars. I ask him does he have a "cheap" gutless wonder car (GEO Metro) for when his Ferrari breaks down? I ask him does Ferrari keep his car for two months at a time to fix it? He reinforces that we are not talking about cars. So I remind him that no, we are not. We are talking about a seventy dollar mouse! I remind him that at $70, they could have made it out of titanium, made it solar powered, with a back up nuclear fusion generator just in case there is an eclipse and still have turned a profit on this item! I tell him that there is no way that i am going to buy a new mouse at my expense because his inferior product died, no matter if it is cheap, or expensive. I have paid enough to expect quality already. 

LONG story short, he's sending me "the cheapest corded mouse we have" until the new MX1000 gets here. That was last wednesday, and he assured me I would have it monday or tuesday. They didn't ship it until wednesday, and I will not have it until at least monday of next week, maybe as late as wednesday. The new mouse will not get here for another two weeks at best, and I am reluctant to believe that. I *really* want to, but past experience has proven I should not. 

Here's the moral of this story: If you want a mouse, feel free to buy Logitech. They're great mice, and usually reasonably priced. If you're relying on that nice warranty they put on it... don't bother. Buy a Microsoft mouse. Microsoft will ship a replacement mouse the same day the first time you call. And Microsoft mice are usually cheaper for the same product. I guarantee the Microsoft mouse will fail sooner, they are not as solid of a product, but when it does, at least you will get a replacement in under six months. 

Needless to say, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for this warranty replacement mouse, I have a feeling I'm going to be filibustered out of it.

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