Dreaming of (a) Malibu

So today while we were running errands out in Bixby (we went to  Conrad Farms Market) I stopped in at WestLake Ace Hardware to get another key cut for our new (old) '06 Malibu. Turns out that despite the small key size, and the car salesman's protestations to the contrary, the key actually does need to have a transponder key. We'd been thinking lately of trying to pick up another remote anyway, so I did a bit of eBay trawling... a fond pastime. I found a reputable trader that was selling both the blank key, and the remote start keyfob... so I was even able to save a bit on the shipping!

Well, of course it's always hard to just buy the one thing on eBay, it seems that no sooner do you click the buy it now option, and something else grabs your attention. Well, Shannon and I had also been talking about putting in a home security system that would monitor the doors and Adelaide's window. So I found the model I wanted, and we were going to wait a bit to pick it up ... but wouldn't you know it ... eBay had one of those there for $139... normally sells for $250. So who can stand to miss out on that kind of bargain? Shannon also found a couple of puzzles she wanted, and before you know it we've made bids or won at least five auctions. Yikes. [Edit] Well, at least we didn't get the home security kit yet... turns out the kit normally sells for $186, and the eBay item was $140 + $16 shipping... that's not quite enough savings for a "like new in box" item for me. Oh well.[/Edit]

So while I love eBay, it's also a little bit evil. I think I better stay out of there for a bit. Also thought I'd mention that we've decided on Adelaide's room colors... light sage green and light pink. You can see the colors best in the  crib set. It's easier to see in the store at Baby's R Us. Speaking of Baby's R Us, we registered there the other day... that was kind of fun. But only because I got to play with a laser gun, you know? :) Anyways, for those interested, here is  our baby registry.

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