A Little Resurrection

Last night my Averatec 6235-EE laptop decided to give up the ghost. It didn't power on at all. The built-in DVD player feature was still working, but nothing else would. I removed and reseated both the memory, and the hard disk drive... to no avail. I charged it for hours, no dice. I tried powering it up with the cord in, with the cord out, with the battery in, with the battery out ... nothing helped. And I was just a little bit upset about it all. Shannon might recall it a little differently.

I tried it again this morning for no particular reason, and got the same result... oh well. I left it plugged in all day, and went to find out exactly how much it would cost to replace it... knowing full well that I wouldn't be able to anyway. I priced out a Dell Vostro 1700 for about $1150, which was a good price for the config... but it might as well have been a million... you know? Well, this evening before we took Bri out for dinner I decided to push the button one more time. No idea why, but I did it. And what do you know... it powered up.

I don't think there's a moral or a point to the story except ... I'm very happy that my laptop works again!

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